Yvonne Cheng is a business and growth-focused creative leader with a diverse background in advertising, design, tech, media & sales.

Driven to grow products, companies, businesses, and people through creative, business and product strategy.

Worked at renowned agencies such as Droga5 and BBDO, ran Creative Strategy at Tumblr alongside ad sales working with brands and agencies to bring campaigns to life that led to long-term revenue and partnerships, and oversaw new business, operations, and growth at early-stage digital start-ups.

Currently EVP of Product and Monetization at WIREWAX. Graphic Designer by trade.

Created websites for The New York Times and M&M’Smade plugins that replaced babies with cats, and makes cats meow as you type.

Lives in Brooklyn with her family. Loves jalapeños. Fears cats.


Creative Ideation and Direction
Art Direction and Design
Content Ideation and Creation
Creative and Content Strategy


Consumer and Sales Marketing
Brand Strategy and Partnerships
Product Strategy and Monetization
Sales, Business and Revenue Strategy


Sales Training and Enablement
Operations and Management Consulting
Implementation, Scaling and Evolving Processes
Career and Team Building and Mentoring

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